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How to make the most of peony season

How to make the most of peony season

Enjoy peony season before it’s too late by creating this simple yet stunning arrangement and bringing a touch of spring to your dining table


Peony season is one of my favourite times of year. For just a few weeks each spring and early summer, this beautifully fragrant bloom takes centre stage, stealing the spotlight with its densely packed petals in a range of different shades, elegant stem, and upturned verdant green leaves.

Unfortunately, peony season is almost criminally short. That’s why I always try to make the most of it by showcasing this fleeting flower in a stunning seasonal tablescape design.

Follow my step-by-step guide to create a simple yet effective arrangement that never fails to spark conversation. I recommend using coral charm peonies for this display as they are often the first variety to become available in supermarkets, florists, and farms from the end of April.


Create your own peony table arrangement

What you’ll need:


Top tip: Make this arrangement when your peonies are fully open (I find that coral charms usually open very quickly!) This creates added impact, and you won’t need as many blooms to build something truly special.


Step 1

Start with the chicken wire. You’ll need to scrunch it so that it makes three or four layers and fits snugly inside your flower trays.

 Step 2

Next, fill each tray with fresh, clean water. Aim to stop filling when you’re around 2cm below the top of each tray.

Step 3

Now it’s time to prepare your peonies. Cut each stem at a sharp 45-degree angle and insert them into the flower tray, making sure you use the chicken wire for extra support. Vary the height and direction of each peony stem to ensure your arrangement has depth and interest.

Top tip: While tall peonies might look incredible in the wild, they’re not ideal on a dining table. If your stems are too high, they’ll block guests’ views and stop the flow of conversation. If you’re not sure whether you’ve got the right height or not, try placing the tray on your table, take a seat, and double-check whether your eyeline would be interrupted.

Step 4

Continue filling all the gaps in each tray until the chicken wire is no longer visible.

Once you’ve enjoyed the arrangement as part of your spring tablescape, you can move it onto your windowsill or fireplace mantle to enjoy it for even longer!

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