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Faux Flowers

To elevate your home

Immerse yourself in the world of seasonal beauty by UK award winning brand, The Suffolk Nest. Explore our curated selection of exclusive faux flowers, arrangements, and home decor pieces designed to effortlessly elevate your home.

Faux Stems

Embrace the beauty of nature with our beautifully realistic faux stems that have been carefully chosen each season to elevate your home interiors.

Flower Arranging Guide

If you're in need of a little help on how to arrange your new florals, you can read our expert guide below.

Additionally, each of our faux flower arrangements includes a helpful video guide where Ashlee Jane demonstrates how to create an authentic display while sharing valuable tips and tricks.

The Faux Olive Tree

Made with a real wood trunk and an abundance of branches with plenty of rich green leaves and life-like olives, this is the perfect tree to make a statement in your home.

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