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Inspiring Spring Wreath Designs

Inspiring Spring Wreath Designs

Looking for inspiration this season? Our guide to spring wreath designs is sure to spark your creativity, whether you’re looking to create a fresh, faux, or dried flower display

There are many things that signal the shift to spring: the changing weather, the lighter evenings, and the flower buds starting to re-emerge from their winter hibernation to name just a few. But one of the biggest signifiers that we’ve entered a new phase of the year for me is displaying my spring wreath on our front door.

If you’ve been following The Suffolk Nest for some time, you’ll know that I like to have a wreath year-round. But there’s something extra-special about spring’s edition. It allows me to get creative with many of my favourite flowers and foliage: tulips, blossom, hellebore, olive, and rosemary are some of my seasonal picks.

Summing up the season

One of the many things I love about creating seasonal wreaths is that they encourage me to find inspiration in nature. I really enjoy trying to replicate the things I see from my window or outside on our family walks, whether that’s by foraging as we go or buying in fresh, faux, and dried flowers.

Look in your garden or visit your local park to see what’s in season. Perhaps you’ll be drawn to ranunculus, muscari, or forsythia? Or maybe you’ll love the muted green tones of eucalyptus and pittosporum? And don’t forget spring bulbs: muscari, hyacinth, and primrose are all stars of this season.

Getting started with a wreath base

Personally, I like big wreaths (around 70cm in diameter) that are a little wild and wispy with an abundance of texture. That’s why I tend to use a 12-inch wreath base, whether it’s made of wire, rattan, or straw.

Straw wreath bases are a great fit for dried and faux flowers while rattan and wire bases hold moss well, making them an ideal choice when you want to increase the longevity of your fresh flowers and foliage.

When it comes to design, the possibilities are endless. No matter which base I choose, I try to make sure it’s as sustainable as possible and aim to re-use it throughout the season.

Fresh spring wreaths

If you’d like a wreath that transforms over time, I recommend trying a living wreath. Spring is the perfect time to make these pieces as there are plenty of bulbs and plants to choose from. Living wreaths are dynamic creations that use plants like hyacinth and muscari that continue to grow. They can be easily attached to a mossed wreath base using floral wire to secure them in place.

Add fresh flowers like tulips for instant visual appeal, but don’t forget to include water vials as they offer the best water source for these blooms. The plants and bulbs just need a good water every few days to keep the moss and any soil damp – I do this with a water spritz.

Once the freshly cut flowers have gone over in the water vials, you can easily replace them to give your wreath a new lease of life.

Watch a short video here of me demonstrating how to create a living wreath or follow the process in more detail with the in-depth videos saved over on our YouTube channel.

Dried spring wreaths

A great alternative to a living wreath, dried and preserved flowers and foliage can create an everlasting showpiece.

I designed this spring wreath a few years ago and set out to echo the appearance of a bird’s nest by using a chunky birch twig wreath base, pussy willow branches, preserved moss, and an abundance of delicate quails’ eggs.

This is now a wreath that can be brought out and put back on display year after year with very little maintenance needed. Just be mindful that any wreath using dried or preserved flowers shouldn’t get wet.

Faux spring wreaths

Instant impact, zero maintenance, and long-lasting? That’s what you’ll get with a faux spring wreath. These are pieces you can continue to display for years to come.

You can create your own quickly and effectively with a rattan base and a few stems of your favourite faux spring blossom or purchase a ready-made one. At The Suffolk Nest, we offer a range of faux seasonal wreaths as well as a DIY wreath kit.

Feeling inspired to try making your own? Watch this video where I demonstrate how to create a cherry blossom faux wreath step-by-step.

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