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The Suffolk Nest Summer Collection 2024

The Suffolk Nest Summer Collection 2024

This summer, we’re going green. Discover our exciting new summer 2024 collection dedicated to the beauty and versatility of nature’s most verdant colour.

Each season, I’m inspired by different aspects of nature. For summer 2024, I’ve found myself continually drawn to the colour green and that is the shade that defines our new collection.

Green is one of most powerful colours and one that is abundant in nature. In fact, it’s been proven by scientists that spending just a few minutes each day surrounded by greenery can drastically improve our moods, enhance creativity, and improve focus. When included in our home décor, green can bring the space a sense of peace, harmony, and balance.

For me, my love of greenery extends to faux foliage and plants. I find that highly realistic artificial pieces are just as calming as the real thing! Happily, the research agrees with me, confirming that both fresh and faux greenery can have a positive effect on our mental wellbeing.

Read on to discover how we’re celebrating all things green in our summer 2024 collection:


Faux foliage stems

Foliage always plays an important role in my arrangements, whether accompanying my favourite blooms or acting as the stars of the show themselves.

This summer at The Suffolk Nest, we’ve focused on extending our range of lifelike faux foliage so that you can create multiple displays and enjoy the full benefits of being surrounded by greenery at home. Ferns, wild grass, green berry branches, and pittosporum are just a few of my favourites and I love the different shades of green they provide, as well as their diverse textures.

Curated designs

If you’re looking for a piece of greenery that’s ready to display, I recommend our new Summer Foliage arrangement. It’s ideal for this time of year with a light and airy feel that’s simply irresistible. I love to display this piece in our Hemingstone vase as I find it always brings a sense of freshness and balance to a space.

Our new Artichoke Deluxe arrangement takes this idea one step further by incorporating both our bold Artichoke stems and our bestselling real-touch Green Eucalyptus. I think this distinctive arrangement looks particularly stunning styled in our Suffolk or Lavenham vases.

Alternatively, our Green Hydrangea arrangement is, as its name suggests, focused on our incredibly lifelike green hydrangea mopheads. The mix of foliage that surrounds these focal pieces provides a beautifully wild and textured canvas for them to nestle into. This display looks brilliant in our Hemingstone vase too.

Simply classic

If you’re looking for a timeless and elegant arrangement, our Summer Greens display will add intrigue to your space year-round, not just summer! Pretty, delicate, and classic, this green design will contrast beautifully with the more relaxed style of our large Apothecary vase. You can take a look at my top tips on how to cut and care for faux flowers and place in water here [LINK].

For an arrangement that’s simple yet effective, we have three curated designs that use just two stems. Our Eucalyptus and Waxflower; Eucalyptus and Limonium; and Eucalyptus and White Willow arrangements look wonderful as they are but can also be accompanied by other stems if you like to change up your displays throughout the season.

Top of the trees

Olive trees are an enduring symbol of friendship, peace, and prosperity – and they’re also one of my favourite plants. Unfortunately, keeping them alive indoors and ensuring the conditions are just right isn’t always easy and can be incredibly time consuming. Personally, it’s one of those extra jobs that struggles to earn a spot on my to do list!

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to find the perfect faux olive tree, one that’s zero maintenance and looks great year-round. Our olive tree looks so real because some of it is real; the trunk has been carved from real wood, which, in my opinion, makes this tree really stand out from the crowd. It also has lush green leaves and olives.

I like planting these trees in chunky planters stuffed with cardboard packaging to raise it up and then topped with our preserved reindeer moss or dried Spanish moss.

For a while now, I’ve also been searching for the perfect faux planter for shelves and coffee tables. It needed to be low enough that you could still watch TV or store in on a set of shelves, have a beautiful stone pot, and feature textured realistic foliage. And I think I’ve found it – introducing one of the highlights of our summer collection: the potted Spanish moss planter.

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