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Autumn Wreaths: Welcoming Autumn visitors in style

Autumn Wreaths: Welcoming Autumn visitors in style


You can kick-start the new season and welcome visitors in style with an autumn wreath. Discover my top tips and find out how you can create a standout wreath of your own

For me, there’s no better way to welcome in a new season than making a wreath. It’s an activity that inspires my creativity, helps me feel more connected to nature, and something that I do alone, with our family, or alongside a group of friends. Towards the end of September, I like to switch over my summer display and replace it with an autumn wreath. This new arrangement refreshes our front door, provides a warm welcome to our visitors, and helps get everyone in the mood for crunching through leaves on an autumn walk and planning cosy nights in.

If you’re feeling inspired to create your own autumn wreath, I’ve put together a real-time video tutorial on YouTube and I recently recorded a follow along Instagram Live, which you can find on our profile.

Read on to find out how you can create an autumn wreath to welcome your visitors in style this season:

Mix materials

While autumn isn’t typically a season associated with fresh flowers and new life, it’s still an inspiring time of year. I especially love the colours we see in nature; rich shades of red, brown, burgundy, and gold make this an aesthetically beautiful time to enjoy the outdoors. To create an autumn wreath that captures the mood of the season and its abundant qualities, I like to incorporate a mix of materials including fresh foliage and dry and preserved stems. This year’s autumn wreath kit includes a striking combination of textured green foliage, pampas grass, panicum grass, and banksia.

If you’ve never been foraging, autumn is a fantastic season to get started! Foraging is an activity that our family embraced during lockdown as it gave our daily walks purpose and inspired the girls to pay attention to their surroundings and appreciate the natural beauty. Now, it’s become second nature for us; every time we head out into the countryside, we look out for interesting materials that can be used in our seasonal wreaths and arrangements. I love incorporating items that reflect the season; for an autumn wreath, that could mean finding dried seed pods, blackberries, and horse chestnuts, which are happily all readily available.

Think sustainably

As well as providing a fun family activity, one of the reasons I love foraging is that it’s sustainable. Making pieces that are environmentally conscious is incredibly important to Chris and me, especially when we’re creating pieces like our wreaths, which are designed to be changed each season.

All our wreath kits are created with sustainability in mind, and the autumn wreath is no exception. The base is crafted from straw, which can be kept and reused time and time again, while the wreath itself is made to last. I’ve purposely chosen foliage and grasses that will continue to look good as they dry out over time. That way, your autumn wreath can easily be displayed until Christmas and then be kept safely stored away until you bring it out again next year.

Display indoors or out

While the weather in the UK is always unpredictable, autumn is often a little more temperamental than most seasons. We can easily go straight from a mini heatwave to wind and rainstorms, seemingly in the blink of an eye. That’s why I choose to use pieces in my autumn wreath that are hardy and can withstand the weather.

If you’d like to hang the wreath on your front door to welcome your visitors, you could attach it to your doorknocker or add a nail into your door if it’s made of wood. You could also experiment with command strips, but I’d recommend trying a few different sizes until you find one that can easily hold the weight of the wreath.

Alternatively, your autumn wreath can also be displayed indoors. With its bold colours and intriguing textures, it’s the perfect statement piece to hang on the wall or over a fireplace. You could even repurpose it and turn it into a table centrepiece by placing it on top of a large try or plate.


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