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How to personalise your space

How to personalise your space

Whether you’ve moved into a new home or are looking to add more character to your interiors, read on to discover my tried-and-tested tips on how to personalise your space

Decorate your front door

The front door of your home is the face it presents to the world. It’s that welcome sight that you return to at the end of a long day and the first impression your guests will have. If you’re looking to personalise your space, it’s a great place to start. Don’t worry; you certainly don’t need to rush out and buy a brand-new door to make it your own. Instead, consider freshening up the paint or choosing a new colour that better reflects your taste.

If you’re not tempted to reach for a paint brush quite yet, a seasonal wreath is a fantastic – and simple – way to enhance your home’s entrance. Our front door is always adorned with a homemade wreath and it’s the perfect opportunity for me to showcase all my favourite seasonal stems. Every time we return home from a walk with the girls, our front door wreath always brings me joy.

Display personal photographs and objects

Thoughtfully accessorising your interiors with meaningful items can also help to personalise your aesthetic. It also allows you to keep treasured memories alive and ensure your most cherished items are available to be enjoyed.

While frame photographs can be incredibly effective, especially when printed in black and white, I recommend displaying pieces that reflect your passions and interests. This could include showcasing souvenirs from your travels, family heirlooms, a beloved musical instrument, or a work of art.

When placing each item remember that less is often more. Creating a small arrangement of just one or two beautiful pieces on your sideboard, for example, can be much more visually arresting that covering its entire surface with different things.

Play with textiles

Textiles are one of my interior décor staples, especially when the weather turns cool, and the nights start drawing in. Rugs, blankets, and throws can all add texture and depth to your space, as well as serving a practical use throughout the winter months. Textiles aren’t just for winter either; in spring or summer, you can personalise your home with lighter fabrics that add interest without dominating the décor.

Natural fibres and neutral colours are a timeless choice, but you should always choose the pieces you’re most drawn to; I personally love cosy wool blankets and throws, handmade rattan baskets, fresh cotton table runners, and textured cushions.


Tailor the lighting

It might not be the first thing you think about when looking at way to personalise your space, but lighting can be surprisingly impactful. Making a few small tweaks can complete change the ambience of a room and better reflect your mood.

Overhead lights serve a purpose but consider investing in lamps of different heights as these can create different streams of light in one room. Floor and table lamps are both good alternatives to the ‘big’ light.

If you’d like to make your indoor and outdoor spaces feel more intimate, I recommend lighting your dining table with candles or creating a warm glow in the garden with a selection of woven lanterns.

Add floral arrangements

Faux and fresh florals are a great way to add personality to your home. There are so many ways you can let your creativity run wild and bring your individual aesthetic to life through floral arrangements. This could mean choosing the flowers that are most meaningful to you or selecting a vase that speaks to your style. You can also update your displays each season, replacing summer’s white hydrangeas and olive branches with autumnal blush eucalyptus and faux figs.  

Look at ways you can express your character with the ratio of florals and stems used in your displays. An architectural arrangement with statement cherry blossom and pussy willow branches will look and feel very different in your space compared to a softer piece dominated by faux sweet peas and white lilacs.

Distil everyday essentials

One of the easiest ways to instantly elevate your interiors is to distil your everyday essentials into alternative containers. While we all need to own staple ingredients like flour, pasta, and rice, as well as cleaning products, the bright packaging covering many of these items can steal attention in a room and affects your overall aesthetic. Instead, choose containers that capture your personal style. Depending on your taste and budget, alternative eco-friendly storage options include glass mason jars, ceramic pots, rattan trays, wooden-topped glass containers, and stainless-steel tiffin boxes.

Nod to the season

A playful way to show off your personality at home is to include fun nods to the season in your décor. These don’t have to be big or expensive items, instead they’re small pieces that you can display a few months each year, quickly transforming your space and harnessing your creativity. In autumn, for example, I enjoy complementing my floral arrangements with ceramic pumpkins and concrete fruits that celebrate harvest season. Once we enter December, I reach for my festive décor, creating tablescapes with ceramic trees and tall candlesticks, while Easter is the ideal time to display my collection of ceramic eggs and bunny

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