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Transitioning into Autumn

Transitioning into Autumn

It’s safe to say I love Autumn!

As the weather gets cooler and the days grow shorter, our homes become our sanctuaries, offering a cosy retreat from the outside world. It's the perfect time to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside with floral elements, rich tones, and layers of texture.

Here are some of the elements I always consider for my home for what I think is probably my favourite season. When autumn arrives, our home transforms into a place of solace, where we can curl up with our loved ones and enjoy the comforts of the season. This Autumn is a big one for us, my eldest daughter, Orla, starts school, and my youngest, Florence, starts pre-school. Not only is the season changing but also our family routines and lives which we’ve become so accustomed to. The uniform is hung and ironed for Orla and she can’t wait to start. Chris has ordered the logs for the log burner, coats are slowly appearing in the downstairs cupboard and the choice of our usual iced coffees are slowing moving to hot chocolates!

Below are just some fundamentals that I choose to transform my home to match the Autumn season.


I love filling my home with cosy blankets and swapping lightweight linens for heavier fabrics. These perfectly complement the warming, earthy colours that nature presents during this time of year. I find myself curled up in these every evening on the sofa, whether I’m working away on my laptop or watching the TV. When not in use, these are great pieces to style over the arm of your sofa to add layers of texture, or simply folded in a rattan or wicker style basket. I also love using faux fur and sheepskin rugs on our sofas to add another textural element.

The power of scent

Changing the scent in our homes has such a simple yet immediate impact on the ambience you can create. Autumn fragrances can instantly transport us to a place of comfort and nostalgia – the moment we arrive home with wet shoes and cold lips. I've been swapping my vibrant fresh summer scented candles for warm and inviting scents like amber, pear and cedarwood.


I think you all know by now that I LOVE a wreath! In fact, that’s how my business, The Suffolk Nest all started - by wreath making! It’s no surprise wreaths have become a beloved part of my autumn décor tradition, and it never fails to make our front door feel welcoming. I love incorporating textures and colours that epitomise the changing season. As always, I will be designing our fresh Autumn Wreath Kit soon, (due to launch early/mid September) and I’m already excited about the abundance of tones, textures and colours Autumn has to offer, whether it’s tones of burgundy and golden yellow, with vibrant red berries – I promise it really will be a showstopper. If you don’t have the time to create one of your own, then I’ve also designed a faux wreath for this year’s autumn collection that’s abundant in texture with warming and inviting brown tones.

Home Décor Pieces

We can’t forget Autumn is also the host season of Halloween! Pumkins will always feature somewhere in my home, especially opting for more muted tones like grey, white, and green pumpkins, you can seamlessly incorporate them into any room, adding a touch of autumnal charm.  They make stunning mantle, sideboard, or dining table displays, or can simply be nestled among your porch planters to greet your guests. As always my Autumn Collection includes our white ceramic pumpkins – perfect next to your floral display, mantle, coffee table or dotted down your dining table for a fun tablescape. I also like to use small home décor pieces to bring depth and texture to our shelves, coffee and side tables. The small details like our brass trinket box, Felsham black marble pot and Boyton stone pot in brown are perfect accessories for autumn that bring out accent colours and add depth to your décor.

Faux Flowers

Switching up your faux flowers is probably the easiest way to incorporate autumn colour tones and textures into your home. This year’s collection has a focus on earthy tones and textures and features our incredibly life like dried hydrangeas in Mulberry and Moss green. I’ve created 2 different arrangements this year, the ‘Mulberry Hydrangea’ and the ‘Autumn Brambles’, both available as a ‘premium’ or ‘deluxe’ size. I may be bias, but I personally feel that they both perfectly capture the essence of autumn, providing all the beauty of real flowers and foliage, without the maintenance. As always, each arrangement has a short video tutorial available to watch where I guide you through arranging it step by step.

Add ambient lighting

While darker evenings aren’t always welcome, they’re wholly suited to spending time at home and embracing the Scandinavian concept of hygge. Hygge is all about enjoying your space and finding ways to be cosy, and I think that ambient lighting effortlessly conveys this feeling. 


Get creative

Incorporating quirky nods to autumn in your home décor is an excellent way to honour the season while also showcasing your personality. Consider adding seasonal motifs like pumpkins, dried mintolla seeds, and buddha nuts. These items can add a fresh dimension to your shelves, coffee tables, and sideboards.

I always associate this time of year with setting down on the sofa with a good book – and it’s an activity that inspires my interiors too. Try anchoring your vases by displaying them on top of a stack of books (ideally volumes with earth-toned covers) to add an artistic, literary touch to your space. It’s not only aesthetically pleasing but practical too!

Don’t be afraid to flex your creative muscles. Embrace the colours, textures, and symbols of the season while incorporating your own personal style to seamlessly transition into autumn.

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