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Top Winter Faux Arrangements

Top Winter Faux Arrangements

Despite the temperature dropping and the nights drawing in, you can still find floral inspiration for your home in winter. Read on for my top winter faux arrangement recommendations

Faux foliage and seasonal textures

When I talk about finding inspiration in nature, people are often surprised that winter is one of my favourite seasons. It’s the time of year when we tend to hibernate at home and the environment follows our lead; flowers fade away, trees shed their leaves, and fields are covered with a silver layer of frost. But despite this, I find the lack of fresh flowers pushes me to get creative and experiment with more unusual materials and faux foliage.

Throughout the winter months, I’m drawn to green foliage, architectural branches, berries, and pinecones that provide texture and colour. Lush greens, icy greys and soft blues are some of my favourite shades to feature in faux winter arrangements. And while floral options can be more limited, they don’t disappear completely. I love to contrast branches and pinecones with delicate faux ranunculus as well as including faux hellebores (the Christmas rose) and tulips, which remind us that spring is on the horizon.


Winter colours

When the skies are grey and the evenings get dark early, I’m always keen to ensure that our home still features pops of colour. Our neutral interiors are the perfect backdrop to almost any shade, but I think the traditionally festive colours of red and green can be especially effective. Choosing naturalistic faux flowers and foliage ensures these colours don’t overpower the space; I find that faux berry stems and branches are a much more authentic way to reflect the season’s colours than choosing unnaturally bright faux stems. Why not mix it up by accessorising your faux winter arrangements with dried orange slices or cinnamon sticks?


Creating a winter display

I believe that the best faux winter arrangements can enhance almost any space. In winter, I like to create one cohesive display that runs throughout the home, starting at our front door. Don’t worry; you don’t have to create a large arrangement in every room! Instead, I recommend creating multiple arrangements that suit each space with focal pieces in the hallway and kitchen and smaller accent arrangements or individual stems displayed on coffee tables, dressers, and side tables. Using one signature faux stem or foliage in every display helps to unify the individual arrangements.

When it comes to housing my winter faux arrangements, I’m drawn to sturdier pieces that feel more grounded and resilient. It’s a pleasant contrast to the lighter spirit of summer, when I tend to favour glass vases. When winter rolls around, I like to bring out my opaque pots, urns, and vases (which can also be more forgiving with faux stems!)


Christmas floral arrangements

I’ve always loved Christmas, but the celebration has become even more meaningful for Chris and me since we had our daughters. There’s something magical about seeing the season through the eyes of children and I enjoy the challenge of transforming our home for Christmas while staying true to my design aesthetic.

White always feels festive and I often build my Christmas floral arrangements around white berries and foliage. These can be displayed in vases and jugs or loosely arranged on the dining table or mantelpiece alongside miniature houses and trees to create a festive village scene. Faux winter branches can also be striking at this time of year, whether you decide to leave them bare or adorn them with baubles, bells, ribbons, or clear lights.

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