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The Signature White and Green Collection

The Signature White and Green Collection

While I typically take inspiration from the changing seasons, there is one range that I’ve designed to stand the test of time. Introducing our Signature White and Green collection

I like to think of our home as a blank canvas; a space where I can relax, indulge my creativity, and experiment with new ideas. That’s why I tend to favour neutral backdrops in my interiors and use seasonal accessories to change the mood and mark the transition of time. In summer, I like to keep things light and fresh while in winter, I aim to create warmth with cosy throws, cushions, and floral arrangements in deeper, complementary tones.

This aesthetic also inspires my work at The Suffolk Nest, and I love looking to nature to create seasonal collections throughout the year. However, there is one exception to this rule: our Signature White and Green collection. This collection has been specially designed to be timeless and relevant year-round. Featuring neutral vases and some of my all-time favourite faux flowers, this range is classic, elegant, and the perfect accompaniment to any style of home decor.

The meaning of green

Green is one of those colours that naturally inspires me. And I know I’m not alone; in fact, it’s been proven that green can help us feel more relaxed and produces a calming, mood boosting effect. Green is also a colour that’s known to enhance creativity and encourages the mind to generate fresh ideas.

I can’t imagine our home without touches of greenery adding life and vitality to every room – and it’s equally effective in fresh and faux arrangements. Green displays don’t have to be overly complicated; a simple sprig of rosemary in a bud vase or a jug filled with olive branches can transform my kitchen table.

Our Signature White and Green collection includes a range of faux greenery that will enhance your interior while also lifting your mood. I find that faux eucalyptus stems, ferns, and grasses are particularly effective, whether displayed on their own or combined with clean white florals.

A classic combination

For me, there’s no better pairing than faux green foliage and white flowers. White is another colour with qualities that inspire me; it’s known to represent harmony, new beginnings, and unadulterated beauty. White is deceptively simple yet timeless, making it the perfect choice for a year-round arrangement. Peonies, hydrangeas, lilac stems, and ranunculus all rank among my favourite white faux flowers, while I also like to add texture and depth to my displays by experimenting with more unusual stems like faux white willow, cherry blossom branches, and spring pussy willow.

Curated arrangements

When it came to designing a collection that would be available year-round, I knew that I had to create curated arrangements that could make home styling effortless. I’m particularly proud of the arrangements available in our Signature White and Green collection and love seeing how our customers put their own spin on things by displaying them in different vases.

The choice is yours: if you’re looking for something that’s timeless yet versatile, our faux classic peony arrangement would suit almost any home thanks to its combination of life-like peonies and light lilacs. If you have a more minimalist, stripped back interior, juxtapose hard lines with our soft, romantic lilac and ranunculus arrangement with its delicate Waxflower stems and Populus to provide movement and shape.

Looking for something a little more unusual? I’d recommend our faux artichoke arrangement. This display has lush eucalyptus stems at its heart with fern, wild grass, and arrowgrass coming together to provide a backdrop to our realistic artichoke stems. A fresh alternative to floral arrangements, this piece would make a lasting impression in any room.

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