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How to style spring bulbs in a glass vase

How to style spring bulbs in a glass vase

Looking to refresh your home ahead of the new season? Get set for spring with our step-by-step guide to styling spring bulbs in a glass vase


If you’re looking ahead to longer days, lighter evenings, and that energising sense of renewal that always come with the new season, a spring floral project could be just the thing to lift your mood and enhance your space.  

One of my favourite small and simple spring displays to create is an arrangement of spring bulbs in a glass vase. It is, without a doubt, the easiest and quickest spring display you can make! Personally, I find that projects like this are the perfect way to ease myself back into gardening after the winter months and they never fail to make me feel excited for the upcoming warmer weather.

What do I need? 

All you need to get started on your spring bulb arrangement is:

  • One glass apothecary vase
  • One small pot of your favourite narcissus bulbs (around 5-7)
  • Some fresh carpet moss

The choice of bulb is up to you up, but I have a soft spot for Bridal Crowns as they bloom with beautiful white flowers on tall stems and offer a stunning sweet scent.

Step-by-step: How to style spring bulbs

Step 1: Start by watering your narcissus bulbs well and then leaving them to drain for five minutes.

Step 2: Arrange the bulbs on the bottom of your glass vase ensuring they’re in line with the vase’s opening so that they have plenty of room to grow vertically.

Step 3: Next, take chunks of dampened carpet moss and use this to cover the roots and soil of the bulbs. Not only does this look good aesthetically, but it also provides the bulbs with a little extra support and keeps their roots well hydrated.

Step 4: Choose a spot in your home to position your display. Ideally, this should be somewhere warm but not in direct sunlight.

Caring for your spring bulbs

One of the best things about this spring bulbs display is that it requires very little upkeep to stay looking its best. Once in position, you can simply wait and then enjoy watching them shoot up and start to flower.

If you do notice that the stems are beginning to get limp or the moss looks very dry, don’t be afraid to give the entire arrangement a generous misting with water.

Where should I display my spring bulbs?

While you should try to avoid a spot exposed to a lot of direct sunlight, your spring bulbs can thrive in many different places in your home. One glass vase arrangement can look especially effective styled by itself on a coffee table or small side table. However, if you’re looking for something a little more impactful – or you simply fall in love with this arrangement and want to make more than one – they can make impressive table centrepieces when grouped together.

Feeling inspired? Head over to our YouTube channel to discover even more arrangements that you can try yourself as well as an alternative planter option for your spring bulbs: 

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