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Styling inspiration: the first signs of spring

Styling inspiration: the first signs of spring

As we start looking beyond winter months, the first signs of spring promise brighter days ahead. But can you get the look indoors now? Read on to find out how you can style your home ahead of the new season

Looking ahead to spring

Once the Christmas decorations are stored away and we start the new year, I can’t help but start getting excited about the coming spring. While it might still be chilly outside, looking out for the first signs of spring – and planning how I can bring that new season feeling into our home – is one of the best solutions to the winter blues that I’ve found so far.

There are so many things I love about the lead up to spring. With each day that passes, the light lingers a little more and signals that longer days are on their way. Birds start singing in the morning again and, if you look closely, you might spot the vibrant green shoots of snowdrops and crocus bulbs making an entrance in the low winter sun.

And that’s not all; spring also brings with it new scents, socialising, and blue skies. It’s the time of year when we start spending more time outside again to make the most of that beautifully cool and crisp sunshine, when my diary starts filling up with family lunches and coffee catch ups with friends, when I add cotton and linen pieces back into my wardrobe, and when we’re surrounded by the fresh fragrances of honeysuckle, rose, and lilac. 

Planting in preparation

In anticipation of spring’s arrival, I like to get set for the season by potting up fresh bulbs in various planters – I think a ceramic bowl can be especially effective for this type of arrangement, but you can use a range of different containers including our new indoor rattan planters. You could also reuse your spent candle vessels to serve as a truly unique planter.

White seasonal bulbs like hyacinths, muscari, and bridal crown narcissus are visually arresting and look stunning when topped with chunky green moss. Add intrigue by weaving in contorted hazel branches to serve as a backdrop and help prevent your flowers from falling over as they grow.

Caring for your bulbs indoors couldn’t be easier. As soon as they arrive in the post, remove the bulbs from their packaging and give them a good water. Next, whether you’ve chosen a ceramic vase, upcycled candle holder, or rattan planter, make sure you position your vessel in a warm, sunny spot that gets plenty of natural daylight. The key is not to over water and only reach for your watering can when the compost is dry - you’ll have fresh spring flowers blooming in next to no time.

Once in full bloom, you can sit back and enjoy their brilliant white flowers and stunning sweet fragrance. After the season ends, stop watering your plant completely and let the foliage die back. You’ll know it’s time to transplant when the foliage looks dried and brown; ideally, it should pull away from the bulb easily and if it doesn’t, wait a little longer. Next, remove the bulbs, dust off any excess compost, and lay them out to dry on a piece of paper. You can then either replant them again or keep them in a cool, dry, and dark place to enjoy next year.

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