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Refresh your home for summer: Introducing the Summer Collection

Refresh your home for summer: Introducing the Summer Collection

Ready for a new season spruce up? Find out how you can use pieces from our Summer Collection to refresh your home for summer with our guide to sunshine styling with faux plants and flowers

Blur the lines between inside and out

In my opinion, one of the best things about summer is that it’s the season of outdoor living. Chris and I love hosting relaxed get-togethers in the garden with friends, dining alfresco with the girls, and keeping our doors flung open all day long.

When it comes to refreshing our home for the summer, I take this idea one step further by using faux flowers and plants to bring the outside in. Faux trees and herbs make an immediate impression, especially when displayed in the kitchen or entrance hall. I’m always tempted by the incredibly lifelike olives and rich green leaves of our large faux olive trees as well as our potted artificial mint and basil plants, which arrive pre-potted and ready to display in a timeless white container.

Take notes from the Mediterranean

Whether you’re planning a summer break in Italy or the Greek Islands or simply making the most of the sunshine in the UK, incorporating a touch of the Mediterranean into your interiors can help that holiday feeling last even longer!

Our faux Mediterranean Summer arrangement instantly transports you to Tuscany thanks to its vibrant mix of white florals and intriguing textures. Olive branches and Limonium share the space with sweet peas, lilacs, hellebores, and waxflowers. This bouquet would work in any room, especially as part of a larger arrangement, styled alongside a faux parlour palm tree or potted rosemary plant.

We also enjoy embracing the spirit of the Mediterranean by dining outdoors as much as possible. Crafted by skilled Portuguese artisans, our Easton tableware selection is made for sharing meals in the sunshine. Each clean white piece has a distinctive floral-inspired edge design, whether you opt for a salad plate, pasta bowl, or serving dish.

Add handcrafted details

Carefully curated accessories are a fantastic way to refresh your home and get that effortless summer style. I love the rustic charm of handcrafted and wooden items, which can often serve as both planters and storage solutions. Our rattan and bamboo mix containers have beautifully intricate patterns and can add warmth and texture to cool, neutral interiors.

If you enjoy spending the longer light evenings outside, I recommend investing in a set of lanterns. These create a unique atmosphere, providing a light source that’s soft and inviting rather than harsh and jarring. Crafted from handwoven sea grass, our woven lanterns can be used indoors and out, and include a secure glass insert designed to safely hold a pillar candle in place.

Invest in lush greenery

For me, summer immediately conjures thoughts of rolling fields, lush foliage, and vibrant shades of green. Bringing faux greenery into your home is a wonderful way to reflect nature’s beauty in your décor. Our faux summer greens arrangement is a highlight of our Summer Collection; a vivid mix of foliage, branches, and wildflowers, incorporating cow parsley, green viburnum, and pittosporum. If you’d prefer something a little more understated, the faux summer leaf is a calming choice, featuring a spray of stunning umbrella leaves.

Get creative with pops of pink

While summer interiors often call for light-reflecting cream and neutral tones, adding a pop of pink can refresh your space without being too overpowering. There are myriad options to choose from: make a splash with vibrant pink ranunculus, display the delicate blush painted petals of the faux pink hellebore, or draw the eye of every visitor with faux anemones that have small round petals that peel back to reveal a deep mauve centre.

One of my seasonal favourites is the pink scabiosa spray. Also known as the pincushion flower, this faux bloom has an elegant extended stem and irresistibly frilly flower heads. It’s such a beautiful option that you only need to display two or three stems to make a real impression. However, if you’re looking to add texture to your arrangement, I recommend a faux Limonium, which offers depth without stealing attention from your focal florals.

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