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How and why to decorate with faux herbs

How and why to decorate with faux herbs

Perfect for kitchens, potted herbs are a great way to bring a touch of greenery to your space. Check out our quick guide to discover how and why you should decorate with faux herbs

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place where we gather with friends and family, relax while cooking an evening meal, or enjoy our morning cup of coffee – a room that needs to be as pretty as it is practical. I love spending time in our kitchen and have worked hard to make it a warm and welcoming space.

When it comes to incorporating greenery into the kitchen, herbs are the natural choice. Unfortunately, fresh herbs can be difficult to maintain, especially when kept indoors, which is why faux herbs are a fantastic alternative. Whether displayed alone or together, faux rosemary, basil, and mint can all bring life and texture to your kitchen décor.

Read on to find out more about how and why you should decorate with artificial herbs:

A realistic alternative  

While faux plants haven’t always enjoyed the best reputation, today’s artificial herbs have come a long way in terms of quality and craftmanship. In fact, the advanced materials and manufacturing techniques now used mean that faux herbs are almost indistinguishable from their fresh counterparts. Choosing high-quality artificial herbs – such as our potted rosemary, basil, and mint plants – provide the beauty and vibrancy of fresh varieties without the upkeep.

A lasting impact

Like any plant, fresh herbs need some TLC. Most will need to be displayed in a spot with ample sunlight, trimmed back, and watered regularly. Faux herbs, on the other hand, offer long-lasting beauty and require barely any maintenance. No matter which faux herb you choose, you’ll get to enjoy the impact of the real thing without the extra responsibilities.

They also have the power to effortlessly transform your space: rosemary, for example, is known for its woody aroma and brings a sense of rustic charm to your kitchen. Mint can be a more refreshing option, while basil is the perfect choice for those looking to take style tips from the Mediterranean.

A versatile design

There are countless ways to style and display faux herbs in your home; here are just a few of my favourites:

  • Use faux herbs to refresh the hob or range cooker area

I like to layer a few chopping boards against the splashback, place a set of tall salt and pepper mills in front, and add a touch of greenery with our faux everlasting potted herbs.

  • Add intrigue to open shelving

This type of kitchen storage has become more popular in recent years as it can be both functional and decorative. It’s a great way to showcase your favourite kitchenware and crockery, from glassware to serving plates. I love using our artificial potted herbs to break up these displays and add a verdant splash of colour.

  • Decorate your windowsills

Kitchen windowsills are perfectly suited to displaying faux potted herbs, blurring the boundaries between indoors and out. I love styling them in trios, using one of each herb variety to create an eye-catching focal point.

A hypoallergenic and pet-friendly option

One of the biggest advantages of using faux herbs rather than fresh is that they are suitable for those suffering with allergies. Fresh plants, flowers, and herbs can all trigger reactions in some individuals, whereas faux varieties should be safe for all. They’re also a great option if you have curious pets. The fabrication of faux potted herbs means that you can confidently decorate your kitchen, safe in the knowledge that your four-legged friends are safe.

A cost-effective choice

Fresh herbs can be expensive to buy upfront, to maintain, and to replace once they’re past their best. In contrast, faux herbs are a one-off purchase, creating the aesthetic you love without any recurring costs. Investing in high-quality faux herbs instead of buying fresh can save you money in the long run while still offering a realistic appearance that will look amazing in your kitchen.

Decorating your kitchen with beautiful faux herbs can add vitality, beauty, and freshness to your cooking space. With their lifelike appearance and inherent versatility, faux rosemary, basil, and mint plants are a fantastic alternative for those who love the look of fresh herbs but don’t want to worry about maintenance. A hassle-free solution that can instantly elevate your kitchen décor.

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