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How to care for your faux flowers

How to care for your faux flowers

Faux flowers are a fantastic, low maintenance alternative to fresh and it’s easier than you might think to keep them looking their best for longer by following a few simple steps. Here are my top tips for caring for artificial flowers

If you love having flowers in your home but sometimes struggle to keep them looking fresh, faux flowers and plants can offer a fantastic alternative – and there’s no watering required!

Faux flowers can enhance your space and need little to no maintenance. Even so, there are a few simple steps that you can take to get the best out of your blooms and help them stand the test of time.

Read on for my quick guide to how to care for your faux flowers:

Displaying faux flowers

One of my favourite things about faux flower arrangements is that they can add life, texture, and an organic touch to any room. Whether you choose to make them the centrepiece of your dining table, the focal point of a disused fireplace, or a beautiful addition to your bookcase, the best way to care for artificial flowers is to love them just as much as you would the real thing.

If possible, it’s best to avoid displaying your faux floral arrangements in direct sunlight. While a ray of light can make your blooms look even brighter, it can take its toll over time as UV causes discolouration and fading. If you can’t keep your flowers out of the sun completely, try to rotate them regularly to avoid one side becoming more faded than the other.

When creating an arrangement of faux flowers in a glass vase, cutting the stems rather than bending them can help your artificial blooms appear more authentic. I recommend using strong wire cutters to create a clean break.

You may also wish to complement your faux arrangements with fresh flowers, which will need to be placed in water. Before adding water to your vase, double-check that you are working with plastic stems as unfortunately paper-covered alternatives aren’t suitable to be submerged in water. If you’ve chosen to cut the faux stems, this often exposes the wire, which can become rusty over time. The best way to avoid this is to simply seal the end with a light coat of clear nail varnish or super glue.

displaying Faux Flower
Faux Flower arrangements

How to clean faux flowers

Dusting is the best way to keep your florals looking fresh, especially if you have white or light-coloured blooms. Use a standard duster or a dry microfibre cloth to carefully dust the petals, leaves, and stems. You can swap your cloth out for a soft-bristled paintbrush if you want to really get into all the small nooks and crannies.

An even quicker method of cleaning your faux flowers is to take them outside and gently shake them to free any dust. If the weather isn’t on your side, you can replicate this effect by using a hairdryer on the cool setting to blast cool air at the stems and loosen any stubborn dust particles.

If an accident does happen and your artificial flowers get stained, don’t head straight to the sink – water can easily damage delicate silk and other fabrics. Try removing them gently with a baby wipe first, but stubborn stains might mean bringing out the big guns and investing in either a specialist silk flower wash or making a diluted mix of laundry detergent and warm water. If you do go down this route, pour the liquid into a spray bottle so that you can control how wet the fabric gets and use a clean microfibre cloth to rub the detergent in.

How to store faux flowers

If you’re someone who likes to swap out your décor seasonally, storing your faux flowers carefully can keep them looking fresh year after year.

When storing faux flowers, I recommend keeping the box that your faux flowers arrived in. The Suffolk Nest’s shipping boxes are all 100% recyclable and have been carefully selected to ensure they are the best fit for the stems you’ve chosen. No matter the size of the arrangement, our boxes allow you to store your artificial flowers and plants safely, securely, and neatly.

If you’ve purchased faux flowers elsewhere, follow these easy storage steps:

  • Make sure that you clean the flowers thoroughly first
  • Pick a place that’s not too hot and is out of direct sunlight, like a wardrobe or cupboard
  • Choose a container that is durable and airtight but also provides enough space between each bloom to avoid them bending out of shape
  • If you’re storing long stem flowers, use a wrapping paper box and pack each flower head in an opposite direction
  • Add a cedar block to keep everything fresh



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