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Faux Stems – Styling Tips and Advice

Faux Stems – Styling Tips and Advice

Faux stems are a fantastic alternative to fresh and can be used to create stunning displays. I’m a passionate advocate of faux florals and hope that sharing my faux stems styling tips will inspire you to create your own works of art

Choose a complementary vase

The secret to styling faux stems is to craft a display where the vase is just as impactful as the blooms. The most effective arrangements unite vase and stems to create one stunning piece that can become the focal point of any room. I recommend aiming for an arrangement that’s approximately one and a half times the height of the vase as this can help prevent the style from appearing too wide or sparse. Ideally, your flowers and foliage should start at the rim of the vase with no naked stems on show.

Green and white faux flower arrangement in ceramic vase

Prepare your faux stems

Taking time to prepare your faux stems before starting to style can make all the difference. I like to bend or cut my faux flowers to achieve the perfect height. It all depends on the type of vase that I’ve chosen; with an opaque vase, I prefer to bend the stems. One of the best things about opting for faux stems instead of fresh florals is that you can bend them back into shape whenever you want to move them or reuse them in a new display.

However, if I’m styling a glass vase, I tend to cut the stems as this adds that extra touch of authenticity that can help your display stand out from the crowd. Before you reach for the wire cutters, double-check that you’ve purchased plastic-covered stems and not paper-wrapped. Once you’ve made your cuts, seal the end of each stem with a coat of clear nail varnish or super glue, and add water.

You can make your arrangement appear even more realistic by opening and fluffing each stem to add volume and depth. Typically, there will be a wire that runs the entire length of the stem, and along each side shoot, that lets you move them in any direction. This means that you can play with each piece until it suits the overall look of your display and makes the most of the available space – don’t be afraid to experiment.

Create faux stem arrangements

Now, it’s time to start arranging. I don’t mind admitting that this is my favourite part of styling faux flowers as I can let my creativity fly free.

To start, I like to build solid foundations. Use faux foliage (or the largest stems in your selection) to construct a base shape that the remaining flowers can follow. I then start adding more blooms, incorporating a range of different heights while also ensuring that they’re evenly distributed. Using a mix of different stem heights and angles in your display can help it come alive. Finally, add your smaller filler stems to create depth and interest. 

Looking to amplify the drama? To style faux flowers in a truly unique way, select one or two stems that are slightly taller than the rest and a little wilder in appearance. Alternatively, you can play with convention by using stems that drape down over the rim of the vase.

Assess all angles

When you’re in the middle of an arrangement, it’s all too easy to lose sight of the final product. I like to take a step back and look over the full display from every angle. Taking stock of your faux flower arrangement at regular intervals allows you to make tweaks as you go. That’s one of the reasons why faux stems can be such an appealing alternative to fresh flowers; you can get creative and make changes until you’re completely satisfied without causing any damage to the flowers.

Feeling inspired to try styling faux stems? View our selection of individual stems here

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