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How scented candles can transform your home

How scented candles can transform your home

Looking for a way to elevate your interiors and your mood? Here are six ways that scented candles can transform your home

Set the mood

Whether you’re looking to inject a sense of freshness into your space on a spring morning or spread warmth and cosiness on a cold winter evening, scented candles can instantly transform the atmosphere in your home. Fragrances have a unique ability to communicate and affect emotions; I find notes of amber can feel as comforting as a warm hug, citrus tones are vibrant and energising, and the scent of floral peony inspires my sense of adventure. 

Ashlee meticulously selects each scent for our candles, often agonizing over the perfect combinations. Our kitchen table is perpetually covered with around 100 samples, and after extensive testing, she has chosen just four promising scents. We handle this laborious process to ensure you receive the finest candles without the hassle. In addition to being eco-friendly and made from soy wax, our candles are crafted with careful attention to vessel design and wax colour, ensuring they complement any home décor beautifully

Connect to the season

One of the reasons why I love flower arranging is that it allows me to take inspiration from the seasons to bring the outside indoors – and scented candles are no different. Choosing scents that you’d encounter on a walk through the countryside will help you blur the boundaries between your home and nature, forging a stronger connection with the world around us. If you love the sense of possibility that comes with spring, for example, I highly recommend our White Blossom candle, which captures the scents of a sunshine-filled spring day with notes of white blossom, violet leaf, and lily.


Spark memories

Thanks to the unique way that scents impact our neural pathways, it’s often said that fragrances have a direct line to our memories. Whether you want to evoke childhood nostalgia, bring that holiday sunshine home with you, or connect to an unforgettable moment in time, scented candles are a quick and easy way to bring those memories to life. Our Jasmine and Mandarin candle instantly transports me to our last getaway with hints of Valencia orange and lime blended with soft jasmine to evoke a sun-soaked beach, palm trees, and tropical cocktails made with freshly squeezed fruit juice.


Encouraging relaxation

While scents can set the mood in a room, they can also help you to relax. There are no rules when it comes to the fragrances that make you feel at ease – it’s a personal choice – but I tend to find candles with warm base notes immediately soothe my anxieties and help my worries fade away. Amber, certain spices and cedar all convey that all-important sense of comfort and serenity. Light a candle in your sitting room at the end of the workday, in your bathroom as you relax in the tub, or on your bedside table as you read in bed (just make sure to extinguish it before you fall asleep!)


Mask other scents

Unfortunately, there are times when our homes don’t smell as appealing as we’d like them to. Whether you’ve accidentally burnt the toast, decided to cook a particularly aromatic fish dish for dinner, or have a four-legged friend who is damp from the rain, you might be looking to mask these more unpleasant smells with a scented candle. In this case, you can’t go wrong with the fresh, floral fragrance of our signature Rose and Freesia candle. An uplifting blend of rose and freesia with refreshing notes of pear and base tones of cedar and amber, it’s intense enough to cover unwanted scents without being too overpowering.


Add to your interior décor

Scented candles can enhance your interiors even without being lit! I love the simple glass vessel and natural cream colour of our soy wax candles as they suit any space. Whether displayed on their own, alongside other candles of varying sizes, or as part of larger arrangement, I think they convey a timeless sense of style. Consider placing two or three small candles at intervals along your mantlepiece, surrounded by foliage or nestle one at the base of a flower-filled ceramic or glass apothecary vase.


 For information on candle care see our guide here. 

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