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Candle Care Guide

Candle Care Guide

Our candles are hand poured in the heart of the UK and designed to transform your home into a haven of sensory bliss. 

Care Guide:

  • Never leave burning candles unattended or within reach of children or pets
  • Trim your wick to around 5mm before each burn
  • For a safe, and even burn and to get the most hours out of your candle, burn for periods of 2-3 hours at a time
  • Extinguish your candle when there's around 1cm of wax left
  • Soy wax is very easily cleaned using hot soapy water so your vessels can be washed and repurposed as a functional and decorative item around your home.

Unique characteristics of our wax:

Our wax is derived from non-GMO plant based soybeans cultivated in North America through sustainable farming practises. Soy wax gives a longer and cleaner burn than other mineral waxes found in the market. 

You may notice an uneven finish on your candle in between burns. This is not a defect in anyway, but a natural characteristic of a pure, plant based wax, staying as true to nature as we can by eliminating the addition of additives. 

Due to the nature of our plant based wax, variations in temperature from the time the candle has been poured through to delivery can affect the candles aesthetics with occasional wax ‘pull away’. This is when the wax has slightly shrunk and pulled away from the glass vessel. This is a mere millimetre however the glass vessel can act as a magnifying glass creating an allusion. Once your candle has been lit and the wax warms it’ll adhere back to the glass vessel and does not affect the burn or scent throw in anyway.

Storing your candle:

Store your candles at room temperature when not in use and ensure they are kept dust free. This can otherwise dull the scent and cause irregularities when burning.

Repurposing your candle vessels: 

Once you've finished burning your candle I highly recommend cleaning the vessel and reusing it throughout your home as a handy storage holder, vase, or planter! Simply put the candles in the freezer for a day or two until the left over wax is completely frozen. Remove them from the freezer and firmly push a spoon into the wax until it cracks and comes away clean. Remove any final wax using warm water and washing detergent. 


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