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My journey to officially founding The Suffolk Nest in 2020 grew very organically with what started out as simply sharing my passion and sideline of Floristry via my Instagram account @the_suffolk_nest. The Suffolk Nest has one main mission, to make Floristry accessible to all – whether you’ve never arranged flowers before, or are already a fully fledged Florist. When I started my Floristry journey 7 years ago, sparked by a Christmas Wreath workshop with some friends over mulled wine and mince pies, I knew very little about flowers, but I was certain that I loved it. After enrolling and completing a Floristry night school alongside my demanding full-time job, I spent every possible opportunity experimenting and playing with flowers in my little shed until I perfected my style and technique. I shared more and more of my creations and work on my Instagram account which led to tutorials and then eventually a Christmas Wreath Kit during COVID-19 Christmas 2020 - an opportunity for people to create their very own luxury wreath, with everything being delivered to their door. I was overwhelmed with the hundreds of messages I received expressing the positive impact that this creative activity had on people’s lives, bringing families and friends together (albeit virtually!), and a sense of calm, during a time of crisis. After this, I set up a weekly Live tutorial called 'Flowers for the Weekend' on my Instagram account where hundreds of people join every Friday night to create different flower arrangements to enjoy in their homes.

Since the launch of The Suffolk Nest, the brand has expanded into fresh weekly flowers delivered Nationwide, vases, and a range of accessories as well as Faux Flowers – something I’ve always loved but struggled to find true replicas of. Having worked with fresh flowers on a daily basis for so many years, I am meticulous when it comes to selecting each and every faux stem that goes into the collection, travelling all over the globe to find the very best stems that are true to form.

In 2021, Chris, my Husband, and biggest supporter, officially joined The Suffolk Nest and takes care of all incomings and outgoings of the warehouse, logistics, customer service, finances, photography and videography. Its safe to say he has a very varied role, but we are enjoying every single day of our family business.

I can hardly believe what an amazing journey it’s been so far and we are so excited for the future as we continue to grow and expand. Our dream is to spread as much joy, escapism and self-satisfaction through the beauty and magic of flowers.