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Why every coffee table needs flowers

Why every coffee table needs flowers

Floral arrangements have the power to transform a space, no matter whether they’re placed on the windowsill, fireplace, kitchen Island or coffee table.

In our home, you’ll find floral arrangements everywhere. From the wreath on our front door and the display on our dining table to the smaller pieces I keep on our bedside tables and mantlepieces, flowers are integral to my interior design. However, there’s one piece of furniture that I believe is incomplete without flowers: the coffee table. Coffee table displays can breathe new life into a room, soften hard lines, and give a subtle nod to the ever-changing seasons outside.

If your coffee table is currently empty, here are my top tips for creating the perfect floral display:

Consider the size of your table

There are so many different types of coffee tables that you can buy for your home: square, oval, round, and even abstract shapes are all available. Whichever table you choose, its size and shape should influence both the vase and type of floral arrangement you decide to display. Ideally, try to avoid selecting flowers that will protrude out over the edge of the table, for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

The vase should also comfortably fit on the table without blocking anyone’s view of the television, fireplace, or person they are sat opposite. Our coffee tables are relatively small, so I tend to keep things simple. Choosing small, shallow vases styled with low height flowers can create an impactful display that doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Choose a vase

A good rule of thumb is, the bigger your coffee table, the bigger the vase should be. I recommend finding one that complements the table material; pair a glass table with a ceramic or stone vase that will ground it and create a focal point rather than a glass vase that could blend in, for example. If your table is made from wood, counterbalance its weight with a simple glass or ceramic vase.  

When styling a coffee table, I often like to place vases on top of a stack of books to add interest and depth. Choosing pieces that aren’t too tall ensures they don’t block anyone’s view or throw the display off balance. A few of my favourite coffee table vases include the Westley, the Westley Short Caramel, the Dunwich, the Fawn Clay Pot, and the Orford.

Selecting flowers

When deciding on the flowers I want to include in my coffee table displays, I tend to look to the seasons for inspiration and try to find florals that reflect the colours and textures I see on my daily walks with the girls. In autumn, that means keeping things simple and stripped back: a few leaf stems in shades of amber, maroon, or deep plum, or a dried bunch of starflowers are usually more than enough for small coffee tables.

To avoid my coffee tables appearing too cluttered, I usually focus on one type of flower or faux stem. If I have a large mixed fresh or faux floral arrangement on display somewhere else in the room – like on our kitchen island – I try to continue the theme on my coffee table, but I’ll typically only choose one or two of the stems to make a connection without making it overly fussy.

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