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Wedding décor: Faux flowers

Wedding décor: Faux flowers

 Flowers are one of the most important aspects of wedding décor, but should you choose fresh or faux? Find out more in Ashlee’s guide to using faux flowers for your big day

From bouquet to top table

There are few days that are as magical as your wedding day. Chris and I got married in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast of Italy surrounded by our family and friends in a quaint little garden overlooking the most breathtaking views – we partied into the early hours of the morning! There are many things that go into making it a day to remember: the dress, the guest list, the venue, the cake, the first dance, and more. However, it won’t surprise you to learn that I believe flowers can make all the difference, especially when designing your wedding décor. In my opinion, flowers have the power to elevate any venue, from registry office to historic country estate.

Faux flowers are a fantastic alternative – or addition – to fresh florals and can be used in every part of your big day. Artificial flowers can be incorporated within your table decorations, top table centrepiece, bridal bouquet, and wedding party flowers such as buttonholes and corsages.

Personally, no matter whether they’re faux or fresh, my favourite style of wedding florals is romantic, blousy, and elegant. I tend to be drawn towards timeless styles that won’t go out of fashion, but I also like to explore the meaning behind each stem. Every flower variety has its own meaning, but they may also have a special significance to you and your partner, making it even more special to include on your wedding day.

A timeless keepsake

One of the main reasons why faux flowers are becoming more popular in wedding décor is their resilience and longevity. Invest in arrangements that you can treasure forever, save as a memento, or reuse in your home to serve as a constant reminder of your special day.

If you’re planning to keep your wedding flowers as a keepsake or wish to reuse them in the future, consider investing in high quality faux stems. Since creating The Suffolk Nest, Chris and I pride ourselves on tracking down the very best artificial flowers from suppliers around the world and these blooms are truly indistinguishable from the real thing, in both look and feel.

Prepare in advance

While I loved planning our wedding, it was certainly stressful at times, especially liaising with a wedding planner in a different country! With so many things on your to do list, suppliers to coordinate, and guests to invite, I believe the more you can prepare in advance, the better. The last thing that any bride or groom wants to be worrying about on their wedding day is whether the flowers have arrived in time or that they’re started to wilt due to an unexpected heatwave!

With faux flowers, you can prepare your wedding décor well in advance. Your arrangements can be delivered well ahead of time and put on display without having any concerns about the blooms not looking their best. Not only can this give your venue more time to decorate, but it’s also one less thing to add to your big day butterflies.

An elegant solution

While exclusively using faux flowers and foliage in your wedding décor may be a relatively new phenomenon, there are several unexpected advantages to choosing artificial blooms. The range available is especially appealing. Couples aren’t restricted to the flowers that are in season, which could be important if you have a particular variety in mind that means a lot to you and your relationship. With faux flowers, you can have easy access to Peonies, Sweet Peas, Ranunculus and Dahlias throughout the entire year.

This resilience makes artificial flowers a great choice for destination weddings too; they can be transported relatively easily and withstand hot, humid climates.

To make choosing your faux florals for your wedding day a little easier, I have created a new collection of wedding faux flowers that you can now shop! There are 2 colour pallets, the first, of course, is a classic whites and greens, and the second is a beautiful soft and romantic blush pinks. Both colour ranges are available as a Bridal bouquet, Bridesmaid bouquet and button holes.

Discover our full wedding & bridal collection right here! 

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