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The symbolism of March blooms: What do your flowers mean?

The symbolism of March blooms: What do your flowers mean?

March blooms are more than simply beautiful flowers, they also have unique meanings that make them extra-special. Read on to discover the symbolism behind your spring flowers

With 20th of March marking the official start of spring, we can see signs of the new season all around us in nature. Magnolia buds unfurl their striking large blooms, delicate white flowers blossom on the blackthorn – closely followed by beautiful pink cherry blossom – and crocuses and daffodils appear along the grass verges and in our local parks. As we witness these March blooms, we’re reminded of the enduring language of nature. 

At this time of year, I tend to start spending a little more time outside, making the most of the longer days and slightly better weather! Watching the baby lambs take their stumbling first steps in the fields that surround us in the Suffolk countryside symbolises that this is a time of new beginnings and rejuvenation. I always feel inspired to get more fresh air: getting out for more walks, inviting air into the house by opening the doors and windows, and giving the lawn its first cut.


The meaning of tulips

Tulips are a flower that I’m always drawn to in spring. Readily available and offered in a wide variety of colours, tulips have stunning, ruffled petals and vivid green leaves. They’re also a fantastic flower for a special occasion; tulips symbolise love and affection making them the perfect gift for birthdays or anniversaries. I love to include fresh white double tulips in our spring wreath kits. Wreaths have several meanings too and are traditionally associated with life and the cyclical rhythm of the natural world.

Tulip stems

The meaning of cherry blossom

In recent years, my Instagram feed has been filled with people foraging a big branch of blossom and positioning it in a large rustic urn to create a dramatic arrangement. It’s a trend I can definitely get behind; I appreciate how blossom serves as a reminder of life’s fleeting nature and the importance of cherishing every moment. For those of us who can’t get their hands on fresh blossom, our faux branches are a realistic representation of nature’s beauty. We have Sakura branches adorned with delicate white flowers, Cherry with its scattering of larger blooms, and Plum with its small green leaves.

faux plum blossom branch
faux plum blossom

The meaning of magnolia

With its large blooms in shades of pink and white, magnolia is one of my favourite spring flowers. The contrast between the fragrant flowers and bare branches is impactful without being overpowering – and their lemon-vanilla scent is truly irresistible. Appropriately for such a stunning flower, magnolia is said to symbolise timeless beauty, endurance, and dignity. Its hardiness (some varieties are evergreen) have also led to magnolia becoming associated with strength and resilience.

magnolia stems

The meaning of daffodils

The daffodil is the national flower of Wales and closely tied to St David’s Day, but it’s a joyful bloom to include in your arrangements throughout March and beyond. Daffodils are also one of the most affordable spring flowers, available for just £1 in many supermarkets. With their vibrant golden shade, daffodils embody hope and optimism. They also symbolise new beginnings and the promise of brighter days ahead, as well as bringing a smile to my daughters’ faces.

daffodil spring flowers
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