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Summer foliage: Bring the outdoors in with greenery

Summer foliage: Bring the outdoors in with greenery

This summer, blur the lines between indoors and out with green foliage. There are so many shades and stems to choose from, you’re sure to feel inspired by our quick guide to greenery.

Make it a moss

Moss is often one of those plants that we take for granted, whether we stumble upon it our summer walks through shaded areas or need to remove it from our patios and decking when the sun starts to shine.

For me, it’s the season’s unsung hero.

Not only can moss provide a perfect topper for floral arrangements, cleverly concealing any chicken wire or potters tape that you’ve used in your construction, but it’s also a surprisingly easy and effective way to bring the outside in.

I’m a big fan of our faux potted Spanish moss. It has a brilliant texture and tactility that is sure to attract attention, whether set on your bookshelf, sideboard, or coffee table.

Tree time

Whether you’re jetting away for a week in the Mediterranean this summer or simply want to bring a touch of the tropics to your interiors, you can’t go wrong with an olive tree. The rich green leaves of this abundant tree pair wonderfully with its light wood branches, and the lifelike olives included add even more visual intrigue. With its impressive height, this is a tree that would work displayed next to your sofa or in your hallway to greet your guests.

If you’d like to experiment with this deep shade of green on a smaller scale, consider creating an arrangement with our faux olive stems. Just two or three pieces can transform a ceramic vase or glass apothecary vase, creating a simple yet stunning piece that instantly transports you to the Tuscan hills.

Call of the wild

When I think of summer, I can’t help but conjure images of wild meadows, filled with knee-high grasses that sway in the wind. A blanket of green interspersed with pops of colour from yellow buttercups and white seeds. One of my favourite foliage arrangements to help bring the outdoors inside is to replicate this scene with faux grasses and ferns.

Choose one variety or mix and match with two or three stems from each to echo the varied greenery you’d find in a real meadow. I really enjoy the way our dramatic faux wild grass contrasts with the more structure stems of our faux fern and the flattened spikelet leaves of our faux wild oat grass. Each offers a different shade of green; the fern is slightly bleached, as if warmed by the sun, while the wild oat is a vivid tone that almost resembles an artichoke or lime.

Branch out

If you’re not quite ready to transition to these darker pieces, our eucalyptus stems are an ideal middle ground. There are a wide range of different green shades to choose from; the silvery green of our faux eucalyptus populus stem is vastly different to the lush tones of our standard eucalyptus, while the rosy tips of the faux blush variety add a subtle dash of colour to an otherwise all-green arrangement.

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