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Staging your home to sell: How to use faux flowers

Staging your home to sell: How to use faux flowers

When staging your home to sell, faux plants and flowers can transform the space, offering a warm welcome and promoting a calming atmosphere for buyers and sellers alike. Read on to discover Ashlee’s top tips for using faux flowers in your house sale

Setting the scene to sell

I know from experience that moving house can be one of life’s most stressful experiences, for both buyer and seller, so the more that you can do to put people at ease, the better. I think the most effective home staging brings the space to life while leaving enough of a blank canvas so that the viewer can imagine themselves living there.

Flowers can make all the difference. Faux flowers and greenery can not only give your home a new lease of life, but they also create feelings of calm and serenity. In fact, research shows that plants can make a home feel happier, lowering anxiety levels, and improving the way people perceive each room.

If you’re showing your home in the autumn or winter and your garden isn’t looking its best, staging faux flowers and plants inside can help to blur the lines between indoors and out. This technique has several benefits, including making your rooms seem larger and reminding potential buyers of the possibilities that having an outdoor space can offer.

Faux flowers vs. fresh

I love displaying fresh flowers in our home, but they’re not my first choice when it comes to staging a home to sell. As beautiful as they are, fresh florals can have a short shelf-life and need attention to stay looking their best. If you choose fresh displays and your home is on the market for a few weeks, you’ll likely need to invest in replacement flowers several times over. Real plants can also be an allergy trigger for potential buyers, giving them watery eyes rather than the warm welcome you intended.

Today’s artificial flowers are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing and offer a fantastic alternative. Chris and I travel the world to track down the most realistic faux flowers and stems, ensuring that The Suffolk Nest stocks the highest quality artificial flowers year-round. These blooms can be kept on display for many years to come; simply wipe them down if dust starts to build up and keep them out of direct sunlight to make sure the colours don’t fade.

How to stage your home with faux flowers 

Choose different styles and sizes

One of my favourite things about faux flowers is their versatility. There are so many different types available, from architectural stems that structure and texture to each display, to flowers in a selection of colours and sizes, ranging from emerging buds to full blooms. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your arrangements, cutting or folding the stems to create a range of levels within each display. This technique can make your faux flowers look more interesting and realistic.

When it comes to placements, I like to mix things up. If there’s an open space in a room that looks a little empty, I might choose to install a faux fern, palm, or olive tree that commands attention without making the space look any smaller. Taller plants are a great option if you have high ceilings as it draws the eye up, helping the room feel light and airy. My dining room table is a good enough size to display a large floral arrangement, which can serve as a focal point, but I prefer to use smaller vases, like the Westley or Henley, with just three or four stems on my bedside tables and countertops.

Focus on neutrals

When staging a home to sell, I aim to make the space feel lived in but adaptable. That’s why I tend to favour neutrals when selecting the faux flowers and vases to display. There’s a misconception that neutrals are safe and boring, but I think our white and green faux flowers are some of most spectacular styles we offer. I can’t resist the romance of a classic white peony, the intensity of an olive branch, a wild waxflower stem, or a delicate sprig of cherry blossom. If you do want to add a splash of colour, you can’t go wrong with a soft blush pink. Tulips, hydrangeas, dahlias, and ranunculus are all favourites of mine, especially when the sun is shining.

Select complementary vases

When creating arrangements with faux flowers, I recommend choosing a solid vase. These can be more forgiving than a glass vase, concealing any folded or cut stems from view. Consider styling your flowers in a vase that reflects the room; I like to use a large stoneware jug in my kitchen or dining area, a simple white pot in the entrance hall, and a small Westley on my side tables. Neutral earth tones have a grounding effect and can be easily reused if you wish to swap out your artificial flowers to reflect the changing seasons.

Make an entrance 

First impressions are important, especially when you’re hoping to sell your home. If you choose to display faux flowers anywhere, I recommend your entryway or porch. Choose a style that complements the space; if you have a shelf, consider adding a small vase with just two or three stems, or enhance a large empty hallway with a freestanding faux fern. For the perfect finishing touch, why not add a seasonal wreath to your front door? In my opinion, there’s nothing more welcoming. You can buy a ready-made wreath or create your own using one of our signature wreath kits.

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