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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

 Looking for a gift she can cherish for more than one day? Read on to explore our lovingly crafted guide to long-lasting Mother’s Day gifts

Ever since I can remember, Mother’s Day has been synonymous with flowers. I started our now annual tradition as a child, surprising my Mum with a bunch of flowers every year. Of course, in my younger years, this meant a quick trip to the supermarket to pick up a bunch of daffodils that I could place on her tray as I served her breakfast in bed. As I got older and I discovered my passion for flower arranging, I started creating my own bouquets for her, lovingly wrapped with brown paper and ribbon.

Nowadays, flowers still play an integral role in my Mother’s Day. Whether it’s building a bouquet for my Mum or receiving one from my girls, florals remain an important part of our gift giving ritual. I also love using them in décor on the day, treating myself by placing a spring arrangement on my bedside table or putting together a larger arrangement on our dining table to accompany a special family breakfast or lunch.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect flowers to surprise the special women in your life this Mother’s Day or searching for gift inspiration that goes beyond blooms, our Mother’s Day gift guide is here to help.

Faux floral bouquet

Everlasting faux flowers are a wonderful alternative to fresh blooms, bringing long-lasting joy and beauty to your Mum’s home.

A standout bouquet that is sure to make your Mum smile is our Faux Spring Tulip arrangement. I truly believe you can’t go wrong with this spectacular piece. It’s the perfect balance of vibrant colour and greenery, celebrating the shades of the season with hand-painted purple and pink parrot Tulips displayed alongside our lavender Lilac and Plum blossom branches.

If your Mum has a timeless sense of style, she’s sure to love the vintage elegance of our Faux Pink Dahlia and Ranunculus arrangement. A sweet pink display, it’s an ideal Mother’s Day gift. The hand-painted pink pom pom Dahlia and pink Ranunculus will add a stunning pop of colour to any sideboard or bedside table.

Individual stems

Looking for something a little more understated? If you’re looking to take a single flower along with you to surprise your Mum at lunch or want to encourage her love of floristry and inspire her to create her own arrangement, you could explore our selection of individual faux stems.

I’m currently in love with our hand-painted pink and purple Parrot Tulips, which looks incredible on their own or teamed with a lavender Lilac branch. A pink Peony stem is a perennial favourite, while our faux Blush Magnolia and Quince Blossom branches scream spring. I think any of these beautiful stems would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Scented candles

Scented candles are always a great Mother’s Day gift as they’re long-lasting and will remind your Mum of you every time they’re lit. I’m incredibly proud of our Suffolk Nest candles; they’re a fun treat for yourself as well as a fantastic gift.

There’s a scent to suit everyone; our White Blossom candle captures the essence of a sunny spring day with its notes of white blossom, violet leaf, lily, amber, and vanilla, while our Rose & Freesia is fresh and floral with a delicate blend of rose, freesia, pear, cedar, and amber.

Choose a large three-wick candle (presented in a beautiful textured box) or try both fragrances in their smaller single wick size. Each candle is contained in a classic clear vessel, but to take your gift to the next level, why not add a pearl edge mini dish? It’s an ideal candle holder and doubles up as a jewellery holder, butter dish, or display for decorative piece like seeds or stones.


Many mums love being gifted a good book, whether it’s one to pack in their suitcase when they’re jetting off on holiday or something they can flick through with their morning cup of tea.

If your Mum is an avid reader, a keen amateur florist, or both, my book would make a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. House of Flowers is designed to inspire and features 30 floristry projects that can bring the magic of flowers into every room of the house.

Each project has a step-by-step guide - written by me - as well as extra styling tips, a comprehensive flower directory, and ideas for everything from summer floral crowns to winter wreaths.


Our vases are another long-lasting gift that your Mum can enjoy day after day. Whether containing a floral bouquet or standing solo, our wide range of styles can enhance any interior.

A glass apothecary vase is a versatile and simple style that is the perfect partner for almost any floral arrangement. Our pieces are made from 100% recycled glass and feature beautiful imperfections that make each vessel as beautifully unique as your Mum.

For something a little different, I recommend gifting our ceramic bobble edge bowl. This intriguing piece with its striking bobble trim can serve as a planter, especially for your spring bulbs, but also acts as a wonderful container for fruit, decorative pine cones, or our faux artichoke heads.

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