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How to style faux branches this spring

How to style faux branches this spring

Our faux branches are the perfect way to mark the changing of the seasons in your home. Here are my top tips for how to style them this spring

For me, spring is a season of renewal. The lighter evenings, milder temperatures, fresh blue skies, and new green shoots all help to bolster my energy and ignite my imagination. I find inspiration in nature year-round, but my connection to the natural world feels especially important at this time of year. I’m always keen to blur the boundaries between our home and the great outdoors, flinging open our doors and windows, and making the most of the longer days.

It's also important to me that I mark this shift in seasons by refreshing our home décor. I love the architectural beauty of spring branches and think they look particularly special when housed in a classic vase. No matter whether you choose Magnolia, blossom, contorted willow, or pussy willow, these branches are visually impactful yet still light, airy, and delicate, bringing a unique quality to any space.  

Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom is synonymous with spring and, in my opinion, is one of the most instantly recognisable seasonal branches. While the living cherry blossom branches are incredibly beautiful, they also have a reputation for being difficult as it can be tough to prevent them from wilting and dropping. That’s why I recommend trying our faux replicas.

Our faux cherry blossoms feature a long wooden branch adorned with off-white flowers. The delicate flowers offer a pleasant contrast to the rich tone of the wood, which helps make them surprisingly easy to style. Simply find your favourite vase, create a naturalistic arrangement, and it’ll last you a lifetime! I’ve chosen to style five cherry blossom stems in our Reydon vase. 

Sakura blossom

If you love the look of cherry blossom stems but would like something a little lighter, our faux Sakura blossom branches offer an ideal alternative. Light, airy, and covered with small cream flowers, these neutral branches provide effortless elegance to any space. Despite their delicate appearance, just three or four Sakura blossom stems can create a stunning focal display. In the examples below, I’ve styled four stems in our Elvedon vase and three in our Lavenham vase. 


While I love each of the faux branches in our spring collection, our faux Magnolia branches will always occupy a special place in my heart. Each branch features stunningly realistic flowers in bud, set on lichen-covered branches. These can look striking when styled on their own – include branches with varied lengths to give a more naturalistic appearance – or combined with our blossom stems to create an explosion of spring.

We have two varieties available; the short branches are ideals for smaller displays, such as those set on coffee tables or by your bedside, while the taller versions look best on larger surfaces such as consoles, kitchen islands, and dining tables.

Pussy Willow

If you’re mourning the end of winter and would prefer to ease into spring a little more gently, our faux pussy willow branches are the perfect transition piece. Simple yet effective, each faux branch has a realistic dark wood base and soft grey buds. These look incredible when displayed in a clean white vase or to provide contrast and texture when arranged alongside our faux Magnolia branches or white Hellebore stems.

Spring Branches Arrangements

Not sure where to start? If you’d prefer a pre-arranged display, I’m particularly proud of the faux spring branches arrangements we’ve created this year. I spent time studying all my favourite branches to find the ones that complement one another, ensuring each individual pieces comes together to create a balanced – and beautiful – display. There are two options to choose from: the Premium celebrates spring with a mix of Magnolia, Pussy Willow, and delicate blossom branches while the Deluxe takes these branches to new heights! Find out how to style each arrangement with my video tutorial here.

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