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How to create the perfect spring tablescape

How to create the perfect spring tablescape

With temperatures rising and evenings getting lighter, spring is a great time to entertain. Read on for my top tips on how to create the perfect spring tablescape

Entertaining friends and family at home is one of my favourite pastimes year-round, but it’s something I especially enjoy in spring. The warmer weather and lighter evenings always inspire me to open our space and welcome in guests after months of hunkering down for winter. For us, spring also means celebrating Easter and it’s an occasion we mark as a family. Easter egg hunts around the house and garden are a beloved tradition, as are our long, relaxed lunches.

When creating the perfect spring tablescape for a family lunch or dinner party, I aim to design a table that is effortlessly sophisticated yet intriguing. By combining crisp fresh linen and neutral tones with a dazzling centrepiece and thoughtful details, I can trust that my guests will be presented with an inviting setup as well as a talking point.

Incorporate layers

I like to start every spring tablescape with a fabric base. This isn’t just practical; it also serves to ground the display and brings a textural element that I really enjoy. Neutral tones tend to draw my eye and I gravitate towards high quality cotton and linens. You might opt to use a tablecloth, but I’m personally finding myself using fabric runners more often as they’re less likely to fall victim to spillages from our little ones and help to create a simple, relaxed feel.

But that’s not all; I always complement this fabric base layer with placemats. For me, placemats are investment pieces and I use them season after season as foundations of my tablescape. On top of each placemat, I like to use charger plates to add height. If I had to choose a favourite style for spring, I’d opt for these grey rattan chargers; they look beautiful whether displayed with or without crockery and bring an extra dimension to the table.

Create a focal point

Once your base layers are in place, it’s time to build a focal point. No matter whether you choose to incorporate a large vase filled with your favourite flowers, a selection of candles of varying heights, or a suspended floral arrangement, your focal point should draw attention to the table and spark conversations between your guests.

As regular readers of my blogs will know, I look to the seasons for inspiration and like to reflect the scenes I see in nature to tell a story with faux and fresh flowers. In spring, I recommend experimenting with seasonal blooms like tulips, daffodils, ranunculus, and sprigs of blossom. Consider combining these florals with potted bulbs such as muscari or hyacinths, which can then be transferred elsewhere once your dinner party ends.

Dine by candlelight

As soon as the clocks go back and the evening start lasting longer, I like to reflect the mood with candlelight. A harsh transition from natural light to an overhead spotlight can affect the atmosphere of your meal, whereas using candlelight makes the shift from day to night feel more natural. If you’re looking for an alternative to real candles, I highly recommend our new range of LED candles in white. Not only are they safer to use around children, but they also look incredibly realistic – and the batteries last for up to 400 hours! I also love the fact that I don’t need to worry about blowing them out and ruining my fresh flowers.

Add finishing touches

In my opinion, the most effective spring tablescapes reflect your individual sense of style and personality. I might keep the foundations of my tables relatively fixed each season, but I like to nod to the time of year, occasion, or special event being celebrating by adding an array of finishing touches. In spring, I embrace the spirit of renewal and rebirth we see in nature by accessorising my tablescape with our adorable white ceramic bunnies and seasonal eggs. 

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