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5 ways to transition from Winter Décor into Spring Decor

5 ways to transition from Winter Décor into Spring Decor

January and February can feel a little bit like we’re still in limbo, eagerly awaiting Springs arrival! After Christmas, I find myself craving a huge de-clutter and clean, and with that, I find myself enjoying things being a little more minimalist and simplistic. Here’s five ways I’m adding that spring feeling into our home this year: 


  1. Faux Greenery & Blossom

It’s been proved that the colour green makes us happy, calm and creative! I think we could all benefit from an extra dose of this feeling at this time of year! My favourite uplifting greens from the new collection are, Green Viburnum, Green Hydrangea and our Italian Ruscus stems. They add a touch of vibrancy to any space whether its your downstairs loo, coffee table, or kitchen dining table.

Alongside the greenery, I’m adding some beautiful faux blossoms in statement white ceramic vases. Our Sakura blossom is perfect if you don’t feel like going for a fuller blossom at this time of year. Just a few twigs add a subtle touch of that early spring feeling.

  1. Simple Furnishings

Swapping out the chunky knits and faux fur blankets is one of the first things I switch up. Just having some neatly folded blankets over the arms of the sofa and some stacked pillows with a simple pattern or stripe in lighter colour tones brings a breath of fresh air.

  1. Spring Scent

One thing I really miss once Christmas is over is the lovely twinkle and glow of the fairy lights. I find January and February days much more bearable by lighting a few lovely candles with an invigorating scent such as our new ‘White Blossom’ fragrance for Spring. Infused with notes of Lily, Amber and Violet leaf, it’s a beautifully delicate and uplifting spring scent to add to your home.

  1. Reconnecting with nature

One of my favourite things to do to bring that spring feeling indoors is to pot up some spring bulbs in various pots, planters and vessels. I’ve even been using our left over candle vessels as planters and they’re the perfect size for bedside tables. Leave them in a warm spot with daylight and you’ll have fresh beautiful blooms with an equally beautiful fragrance!

  1. Add a wreath

Of course, another favourite of mine for any new season is to make a new door wreath that reflects the season. Our Spring wreath kits will be released later next month if you fancy getting creative. For now, I’ve popped our new Spring Willow Wreath on our door and it’s the perfect transitional piece. I may add a few quail eggs and moss to it as we edge closer to Easter too!

By incorporating these five elements into your home décor, you not only refresh your living spaces but also celebrate the vibrant energy and renewal that spring brings. The transition from winter to spring becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience, filling your home with the warmth and vitality of the changing season.

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