White Hyacinth Bulbs


A pot of 3 white Hyacinth bulbs in the early stages of development so you can pot them up and enjoy watching them bloom. 

Care guide: It's likely that the compost will be moist in the pot when it reaches you. After planting, give them a gentle watering in and only re-water if the compost gets dry. The time it will take for each Hyacinth to bloom will depend on its environment - generally speaking, 7-10 days for indoor use is normal. Once the Hyacinths have bloomed, cut the flower stem off, leaving the leaves on and you can re-plant the bulbs in the garden for next years flowering. 

Price is per pot of 3 bulbs. 

5 x pots used to create the ceramic bobble bowl planter. 

Dimensions: Including pot approx H 18 cm, D 12 cm

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