About me

I started my floristry journey 6 years ago in a Christmas wreath making workshop, sipping mulled wine, eating mince pies and being surrounded by festive foliage. Whilst I had always loved flowers, creating my first ever wreath really sparked something inside of me. The following year, I began handing out hundreds of flyers sharing my own wreaths for sale. I only received 1 order. But I didn’t give up. From that point on, I became totally obsessed with learning everything I possibly could about flowers and floristry. I spent hours practising and experimenting with supermarket flowers making all kinds of arrangements at our kitchen table. My husband eventually got so fed up of the constant kitchen chaos that he kitted out our garden shed into my very own little workshop!

Soon after, I decided to join Instagram sharing photos of my arrangements, wreaths, and our home. I soon realised that other people shared my love of flowers and wanted to recreate my arrangements in their homes. It was then that I started to share tutorials which became the start of my passion in making floristry accessible to all, whether you find it relaxing to watch, have never touched a flower before, or are already a Florist. It brings me so much joy receiving messages and photos from people all over the world creating arrangements that I’ve inspired.

During COVID-19 Christmas 2020, I launched my first ever Christmas Wreath Kit – an opportunity for people to create their very own luxury wreath, with everything being delivered to their door. I was overwhelmed with the hundreds of messages I received expressing the positive impact that this creative activity had on people’s lives, bringing families and friends together (albeit virtually!), and a sense of calm, during a time of crisis.

Now, I’m proud to say that my platform reaches over 175,000 people across the globe – I can hardly believe what an amazing journey it has been so far, and I’m so excited for the future. My dream is to continue to spread as much joy, escapism and self-satisfaction through the beauty and magic of flowers.